Pro Spotlight: Melanie Ortiz

One of my favorite parts of being a Priv professional has been the experience of meeting and working with so many different freelance beauty professionals. Many of us work with each other often and, because of that, have developed a rapport with one another. It’s always so fun to learn something new, like a skill or technique, or bond over shared experiences.

Our time together usually only lasts about an hour or so, and conversation is generally limited to whatever is relevant to the job we are doing. That’s why I’m really excited to get to better know other Priv providers through our new blog series, Pro Spotlights!

This week I caught up with Melanie Ortiz, a hair and makeup artist, in Los Angeles. Melanie shared how she got into the industry, her experiences, and more

How did you get started in the Beauty Industry?

“I was debating if I should get into Real Estate or Cosmetology. At that time, I found out I was pregnant so I decided to go with Cosmetology because that’s what made me the happiest.”

What are some things that inspired you to get into Cosmetology?

“Movies like Too Wong Foo, Mrs. Doubtfire, and The Birdcage when the characters would get dressed up. I remember watching those characters putting on their makeup and becoming these totally different people, and just feeling like ‘Wow!’”

If you weren’t in the Beauty Industry, what would you be doing?

“ I wanted to go into Politics. I was in school to get my degree in Political Science.”

What are some of your favorite experiences while working as a Freelancer so far?

“ Working with certain celebrities and on TV Shows for Disney. Also, getting the chance to attend a makeup class with artists I look up to, such as Mario Dedivanovic.”

How has your career been affected by the pandemic, and what are you doing to adjust?

“ The first month was really hard and I panicked, but eventually I had to evolve the same way our industry does. Turning lemons into Lemon Tartes! It was scary. I went back to working in a salon in the beginning of the pandemic, as clients weren’t as willing to have people come into their home. Luckily I thrive off of chaos and the more jobs I got, the more I upped my game. Our jobs have always been considered ‘recession proof,’ but this is different. After Salons shut down again, I was surprised by how busy we as Freelancers became. What I love about Priv is that clients can reach out to us during these times.”

What is one of your goals going forward?

“ Continuing my education because our industry is always evolving, especially now, I’m currently taking classes to cater to what our clients want.”

I hope you enjoyed getting to know more about Melanie as much as I did. If you’re in the Los Angeles area make sure to book Melanie on the Priv App for all your hair and makeup needs.