Pregnancy Essentials for Every Expectant Mom

10 Self-Care Essentials for Every Mom-To-Be!

1. Body/Pregnancy Pillow

  • Click HERE to check out what fits your budgets best!

2. Pregnancy Skin Care Kit

3. Facial Skin Care

  • You will already have that pregnancy glow, but it doesn’t hurt to enhance it a bit by moisturizing every day and night.
  1. True Botanicals Pregnancy Collection
  2. Honest Happy Complexion Kit
  3. Olehenriksen Let’s Get Luminous™ Brightening Vitamin C Essentials Set

4. Tums Chew

  • Always good to have these on hand, if you experience gas or heart burn these typically will do the trick. Hopefully, if you do experience a lot of heartburn, the old wives’ tale is true and baby will have a full head of hair.

5. Maternity Shapewear

  • This shapewear is not meant to hide/suppress your bump. It is meant to support it and boy does it! Dependent on the material, it can be worn as undergarments or even just with a tee for a biker short look. These rise really high above your stomach in an effort to support your back and growing bump.

6. Prenatal

  • An essential for everyone woman, your doctor may prescribe you with some or you may opt for over the counter. Whichever way you go just ensure your option has folic acid and you take it daily, unless stated otherwise by your doctor.

7. Water bottle

  • Having a water bottle helps ensure you drink enough water throughout your day. Your amniotic fluid is directly related to your liquid intake. It is best to drink as much water a day as possible. Try to fill up a 32 oz. bottle 3 times a day, once at breakfast, lunch and dinner. If successful that is 92 oz. day!

8. Comfortable Clothes

  • Leggings, oversized t-shirts, and maternity jeggings — whatever makes you most comfortable is what matters.

9. Theragun

  • This will easily help you soothe any leg, neck or back cramps as you are on your pregnancy journey.

10. What To Expect App

  • This app really helps you keep track of all things baby. For first time moms this is a must. Available for iOS and Android.