Our Favorite Black-Owned Beauty Brands

Now more than ever, the beauty industry is striving to provide a variety of product choices in an endeavor to capture a wider range of consumers — specifically black women.

Whether it be makeup companies expanding their shade ranges, or hair brands catering to ethnic hair types, there seem to be more options for women of color than ever before. While that’s definitely a good thing, it can be overwhelming when you’re trying to figure out which product suits your needs. How can you be sure if a certain beauty product is right for you? It’s simple! Go to the source.

Some companies haven’t had to shift to meet the needs of black women because they’ve been doing that since the beginning, because these brands are owned by women of color. So whether you’re looking for suggestions or just want to support black female entrepreneurship, our team here at Priv has compiled a list of our favorite beauty brands owned by black women.

1. Pat Mcgrath – Labs Sublime Perfect Foundation

“I’m not a foundation person, at all. Usually I’m either bare faced or I’ll use a concealer to brighten up my under eyes and blemishes. The process of finding a foundation always seemed like more hassle than it was worth to me, I just couldn’t get busy with the process of color matching – 9 times out of 10 I needed to get two bottles to match my skin tone and ain’t nobody got the time OR money for that!

Another thing was the fear of having my neck color not matching my face color, and I refused to do that to myself, so to play it safe I’d just stick to concealer. That was until I met this bad boy – this foundation is literally your perfect skin day in a bottle! Whenever I wear it I get complimented on my ‘skin’ and how silky smooth it looks – the best thing about it is it doesn’t oxidize. While we’re speaking about all the amazing things this foundation does, a good thing to note is this foundation also contains hyaluronic acid, so as well as making my skin look Disney princess smooth it’s also doing work behind the scenes. I’ve found my perfect match!” – Wafaa Ashur

2. Mielle Organics – Edge Gel Honey And Ginger

“Laid! That’s how your edges will look after using this. I have always struggled to find an edge control that didn’t leave my hair flaky after a few hours, this doesn’t at all. Whether you’re into laying your edges flat for a simple slick look, or styling your baby hairs into swirly styles channeling the 90’s or early 2000’s – you need this! The best thing about it is that it works for all hair types, I have 3b hair and my sister has 4b/4c hair and it works it’s magic for the both of us. I’ve put all my friends on and they haven’t looked back – thank me later!” – Wafaa Ashur

3. Mielle – Rice Water Moisturizing Milk

“I first saw the Mielle Rice Water Line as I was watching ‘The Real’. I have had trouble with my hair for the past two years and am always looking for new products. I purchased the whole line and the Moisturizing Milk has become a part of my daily routine. Has a nice fresh and light smell and does not weigh down your hair.” – Angelica Alvarez

4. Juvia’s Place – Warrior Palette

“I am no make up artist, but I find so many people love this palette as much as I do. It works for everyone – from the everyday girl (me) to all of our favorite MUAs we see on IG and youtube. The colors are neutral enough for so many looks and the pigment is amazing!” – Angelica Alvarez

5. Kinky Curly – Curling Custard

“This is my go-to whenever I want super defined elongated waves with a wet look that lasts all day. Because of the moisturizing ingredients I find that I don’t need to use a leave in conditioner or moisturizer before. I can just comb it through small sections of damp hair straight out of the shower and I’m good to go, which is great when I’m in a hurry! As an added bonus, the Curling Custard is free of alcohol, silicone, animal products, and their entire line just smells sooooo gooooood!!!” – William Edward

6. Miss Jessie’s – Pillow Soft Curls

“If a more natural, and soft curly look is what I’m going for then Pillow Soft Curls is absolutely my product of choice. With this I will usually use a leave-in conditioner before using a wide tooth comb to style my hair but it’s another wash & go product that I can apply and then let air dry. The effects are ultra luscious and defined curls that are soft to the touch just like the name says!” – William Edward


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