Labor Day Re-Imagined!

If the word Cancelled had a mascot, it would be the year 2020.

Remember when the most difficult decision surrounding Labor Day was figuring out which white outfit to wear before it officially became a faux pas?

A Change of Plans

“From weddings, graduations, and vacations to concerts, sporting events, and festivals; life during a pandemic has forced us to reimagine the way we fill up our social calendars.”

With the end of Summer just around the corner, many of us are wondering exactly how to put a punctuation mark on the season. For a lot of people, that usually means celebrating Labor Day.

The Fight for Normalcy

As it turns out, all hope may not be lost after all! While our everyday lives continue to evolve, cities around the country are figuring out how to maintain a sense of normalcy within our new normal. Popular destinations for tourism such as Las Vegas are reopening their hotels with restrictions, while other towns across the U.S have planned alternatives to their annual parades. Restaurants with outdoor seating have generally reopened. There’s even talk of Drive-In Concerts becoming a thing! With a little creativity, it looks like there are actually some fun social-distancing friendly options to commemorate the end of Summer.

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