6 Simple Steps to Take You From Procrastinator to Being Productive

Have you ever been guilty of procrastinating? I know I have.

Putting things off until the last minute is an easy habit to slip into. If you’re like me, you have the phrase ‘works well when faced with a deadline,’ as a permanent fixture on your resume. While being able to deliver results under a time crunch can be a valuable skill, it can also provide unnecessary stress and–let’s be honest–who needs more of that?

So after much trial and error I have figured out a system that works for me, and hopefully it can help out any fellow recovering procrastinators out there too! Whether it’s a project you need to have done for work, or just some things you need to tackle around the house, these six simple steps will help you take the guesswork out of getting sh*t done!

1. Make A To-Do List:

It may sound way too easy but this simple act has made all the difference! The key is to keep it simple (my personal motto) by not overwhelming yourself. Start with three or four things on your list. If you don’t get them all done, no worries. Just add whatever is left over to the top of the next day’s list.

2. Focus on One Thing at a Time:

The feeling of being overwhelmed is the number one cause of procrastination. Instead of looking at everything you need to accomplish, start small. I suggest turning on some music, putting a timer on your phone for fifteen minutes (then ignore your phone until the timer goes off!), and start working on one task. Maybe it’s folding the laundry on ‘the chair’ (we all have one), or perhaps organizing your makeup drawer. Focus on that, and at the end of those fifteen minutes just look at how much you were able to get done!

3. Plan Ahead:

Another simple one but oh so crucial. If you have an important meeting or appointment in the morning, lay out your clothes for the next day. Prepare breakfast in advance, if possible. Map out your driving route. The more you can do to alleviate the stress of the next morning, the better. Trust me, your future self will thank you. I bet you’ll even sleep better.

4. Speaking of Sleep…

It is soooo important to get a good night’s rest! I recently read an article that said people who are intoxicated outperform people who are sleep deprived. Just let that sink in. This means putting the phone down and not scrolling until 2am (I’m talking to myself here). But in all seriousness, when I DO need to get a good night’s rest I’ll drink a cup of soothing camomile tea with CBD infused honey and make sure my phone is at least 5 feet away (studies show that your phone being too close to you at night can actually disrupt sleep.) Develop a routine and catch some Z’s so you can crush it the next day.

5. Expect The Unexpected:

Even if your appointment or meeting is somewhere you’ve been a million times, it’s always wise to prepare for unforeseen circumstances. Give yourself a thirty minute buffer to account for traffic jams, construction, road blocks, accidents, whatever. This will save you some stress as well. Being fashionably late stopped being a thing years ago. Punctuality not only helps show yourself in the best light, but it also signals that you have respect for other people’s time. Besides, if you’re super early that means you have time to hit up Starbucks!


….just do it now, sis. Just do it now.

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