5 Old Hollywood Beauty Secrets

Last weekend Hollywood celebrated the Emmy Awards, and in the spirit of that tradition we’ve put together a list of 5 of our favorite beauty secrets used by some of the silver screen’s most famous faces.

#1 Marilyn Monroe’s Lip Plumping Technique

To give off the illusion of fuller lips, Marilyn Monroe would apply 5 different shades of lipstick in order to create dimension. Darker shades of red would go on the outer corners while lighter shades were brushed onto the center of the lip.

#2 Sophia Loren’s Luminous Glow

The Italian Actress followed a strict mediterranean diet and always kept a bottle of olive oil nearby. She maintained her soft and glow-y skin by soaking in a bath with warm water and a few splashes of olive oil.

#3 Dorothy Dandridge’s Custom Pout

Dandridge, best known for her roles in movies like Carmen Jones, was also known for her signature beauty. Part of this signature was her customized lip color which she created by mixing a classic red lip with an orange shade. The result: a coral lip that complimented her skin tone and gave her a look that was all her own.

#4 Audrey Hepburn’s Doe Eyed Lashes

Today we can find mascara’s that won’t clump our lashes together at practically any retailer. However, in the 1950’s and 60’s, the Breakfast At Tiffany’s star would have her makeup artist apply mascara and use a pin to individually separate each lash!

#5 Joan Crawford’s Pore Tightening Trick

Crawford would splash her face with ice water twenty five times before she washed it to shrink the size of her pores and boost circulation. They even recreated this routine in the iconic movie Mommy Dearest, which is based on the book of the same name written by Crawford’s daughter, Christina.

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Let us know which of the old Hollywood beauty tricks is your favorite.